Business Intelligence

EBIS offers services within Business Intelligence systems. We provide complex services (demand analysis, bulding, implementation) as well as partial services (consulting services for the currect solution and assistance with choosing best reporting tools).

We are flexible in terms of technology of implemented data base and reporting tools. This is why we are able to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses as well as large corporations. Currently we implement BI solutions provided by Bilander, Microsoft, Jaspersoft, Oracle, Pentaho.

Our team

Our experienced team possess a vast knowledge of BI system implementation gained in corporations in Poland and abroad.

We are experts in designing, creating and implementing dedicated BI systems as well as providing an excellent analysis of customer’s needs. Our team is comprised of professionals who possess knowledge of various business branches; therefore we always know how to create a system which will meet the strategic goals of Your company. Thanks to the fact that we specialize exclusively in BI systems, we can pride ourselves on a great number of successful projects and thousands of satisfied users.

Supported technologies

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