We will assist you in the whole process of implementation and maintenance of Business Intelligence system in Your company. Our services include:

Analysis and requirement collection

we try to get to know Your business and suggest the best possible solutions, which will let Your company create consistent customer profiles as well as various kinds of business analyses.

Designing and implementing data integration processes

we go to great lengths to make sure that data from both Your company’s and external systems could be used in analysis

Building data warehouses

we see to it that a data warehouse is built correctly, with a special emphasis on safety procedures and backup rules

Choosing reporting tools

we will help You to choose the best tools to visualize data in Your company. Data will be presented to analysts and managers in a clear and convenient way, which is vital to make quick business decisions.

Support for planning and budgeting processes

efficient planning and budgeting system will help Your company function in changeable market conditions. Systems offered by us constitute a perfect support for directors and managers, as they give possibilities to quickly create financial scenarios, outline possible effects of each decision and choose the best option

Trainings for the system users

we provide trainings which include advice in making optimal use of the system and the help with preparing first reports, tables, graphs.

Support and Service

once the system is implemented, we will be there to support You with the maintenance and solve potential problems

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