BI Solutions

Business Intelligence implementation and solutions

Our team have a rich experience in designing, building and implementing Business Intelligence tools based on solutions offered by various providers. Thanks to this we are able to propose a system which will be well-suited for the specific needs of your company. A system which will be open for further development and modifications.

Microsoft Power BI

Microsotf Power BI

Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools in the cloud, which lets you visualize and analyze data in a quicker and more efficient way. Instant update of data sources as well as innovative functionalities make it an analytics tool perfect for dynamically growing companies.


Business Intelligence solutions offered by Microsoft, thanks to their versatility and scalability are suitable for small, medium-sized and large enterprises. Microsoft Business Intelligence platform encompasses the following tools:

SQL Server

SQL Server Analysis Services

SQL Server Reporting Services

Integration Services


Sharepoint Server

Excel Services – publishing Excel analytical reports on Sharepoint platform

PerformancePoint Services – creating managerial desktops and score cards


Microsoft Excel

Basic tool for data analysis




EBIS is an authorized partner of a Gdynia-based company Bilander as far as sales and implementation of Bilander system are concerned. Bilander is a tool for multidimensional data analysis which is flexible and easy to use. Within one platform, Bilander offers the following modules:


• reporting and business analyses

• planning and budgeting

• data mining

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