Realized projects

We have realized dozens of projects within Business Intelligence implementation. We can be proud of a great number of satisfied customers, who prove the vast knowledge and great skills of our professionals. Below we present a few more interesting implementations realized by our team.

TG Montgomery and K2 Vitamin

We have implemented a system for analyzing subscription sales of vitamins in Scandinavia. Sales, costs, targets, marketing and call-center were reporting areas which needed to be covered. At the moment, thanks to the implemented system, TG Montgomery are able to make more accurate business decisions connected with promotion and they can easily analyze their sales data in real time. The system is still being developed, where EBIS are adding new analytical areas specified by K2.


We have from scratch implemented a Business Intelligence system on Power BI platform in the following areas: sales, sales orders and sales planning. Thanks to the delivered platform, Robinson are able to make a quick analysis without being forced to export data from the source system and process reports. It considerably reduced the time needed to provide KPIs and made the decision-making process more efficient. The implemented system not only improved the area of analysis but also provided tools to monitor the execution of sales targets.

DC Centrum

DC Centrum is a company which combines the functions of a consulting firm and a bookkeeping office. The main purpose of this project was building a system which would integrate data from various information systems of DC Centrum and their partners. Among the main objectives of the project were: more efficient data exchange, more efficient information and reports flow, improvement and automation of the reporting process and providing users with mobile data access.

Who else trusted us

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