Outsourcing of BI services

Outsourcing of BI services is the most effective way to successfully analyze business data without the need to create dedicated workstations within your own organization structures.

By choosing EBIS as an external BI services provider, you can be sure that your projects will be in the hands of experienced and fully committed Business Intelligence experts.

What forms of BI services outsourcing do we offer?

outsourcing of BI services

We will provide your company with comprehensive support in the implementation of business data analysis system. From collecting the requirements, through planning and budgeting up to system maintenance. Knowledge and experience of our experts at your disposal always when you need it!

outsourcing of BI services

You can entrust us with work related to a specific project task. EBIS will be happy to support your company when you encounter problems in the form of a lack of qualified employees, when you need support at a specific stage of work on data analysis, or when you need to consult on BI solutions.

As part of outsourcing of BI services we provide the support from:

BI consultants
Data analysis specialists

What are the benefits of BI services outsourcing for your company?

Higher flexibility

constant support of experienced consultants helps to save time and human resources in your company

Cost reduction

no possibility to create new work places

Access to expert knowledge

skilled team of BI specialists is always ready to take up new challenges

Focus on the goals

entrusting data analysis into the hands of experts will enable your personnel to focus on their prioritized tasks

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