Planning and budgeting

Modern company management requires vast planning and budgeting skills. Selection of goals and ways of their implementation, as well as their financing is of vital importance for the development of companies. This process usually is very complex and has many stages. At the same time, it is estimated that nearly 80% of Polish companies use only Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for their budgeting.

With the company’s development and the amount of data aggregated, such a solution may prove insufficient. Mistakes in calculation formulas or budget versioning can appear. Limited access to analyses performed, in turn, adversely affects communication within the team.

Business Intelligence systems offered by EBIS are an excellent support in the process of planning and budgeting of each company, as they provide a possibility to quickly create financial scenarios, outline anticipated effects of each decision and help to choose optimal solutions.

How can EBIS help you to streamline the planning and budgeting process?

data aggregation

We will comprehensively integrate data from various systems. Owing to this you will gain fast access to key information, and the time necessary for planning and budgeting will be substantially shortened through the consolidation of data in one database!

Efficient project management

Data will be available to all persons working in the company and involved in the process of its analysis. Plans and budgets will be continuously monitored for changes, and the history of changes will be tracked all the time.

Constant optimisation

We will assist you in constant monitoring for the progress of work related to both planning and budgeting. Owing to this you will gain a possibility of adopting a flexible approach to changes and systematic optimisation of activities.

data security

We will protect sensitive data relating to key areas of your company’s operations. We will show you how to assign authorisations to individual employees involved in the planning and budgeting process.

preparation of schedules

Deployment of tasks and duties and their assignment to individual persons as well as setting deadlines for their completion is of vital importance for the company. Improvements we introduce do not only facilitate communication across the company but also provide for better excetution of goals.

Do you wish to improve the efficiency of planning and budgeting work in your organisation? Contact us straight away!

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