Azure Data Factory

Is it difficult for your company to collect data from different sources in one place? Do you want to improve this process and still have access to information about the condition of your business? Be sure to get to know Azure Data Factory better. It is a cloud-based ETL service (extract, transform, load) for data integration. With Azure Data Factory, downloading, transforming and loading data from source systems is extremely easy and runs smoothly. The data collected in this way can be intuitively managed and monitored by authorised persons.

In the era of almost universal access to information, Azure Data Factory from Microsoft supports entrepreneurs in implementing their strategies and forecasting trends, facilitates performance testing, optimisation of services and products while understanding the needs of existing customers and reaching new ones.

Azure Data Factory is a data integration service from Microsoft, which:

No code or maintenance

is required and guarantees full data protection through confidential processing on the Azure platform.

It is entirely cost-effective

serverless and scalable on-demand.

Enables seamless connection

to other applications – local, cloud and service-oriented.

Provides intuitive data transfer

preparation, transformation and processing in a few clicks.

Allows easy data modelling

in a user-friendly visual environment.

Allows for economic

data integration – without the need to manage the entire infrastructure

Give your data context and meaning using Azure Data Factory! Make access to valuable business information in your organisation fast and trouble-free. By choosing a cloud-based solution, you gain:


The ability to quickly scale the system.


Lower costs – you pay for the real processed data.


Improving the information flow process in the company.


Possibility of ongoing monitoring of the company’s condition.


Minimising the risk of failure of activities.

Azure Data Factory offers the ability to integrate data in the cloud with local data easily


This service deserves special attention because of its ease of use, but also the ability to transform and enrich complex data sets.


It provides seamless data integration, fully scalable, which does not burden the company’s budget.


Azure Data Factory is a critical element of any data platform and machine learning project.

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