Azure Database

Deploying and configuring your company servers is a time-consuming and challenging task that requires specialist knowledge and experience. First of all, you need to purchase the necessary hardware and software licenses, then install the operating system and configure the software accordingly. This is not the end of the story – you also need to take care of the proper performance, continuity of the system’s failure-free operation, to ensure that the system runs smoothly throughout the life of the application. When you choose a cloud solution, these problems will not happen to you. That’s the case with Microsoft Azure solutions.

Microsoft Azure SQL Database is a version of Microsoft SQL Server – universally known relational database platform that runs in the cloud. Its main advantages are reliability and the fact that it is always up-to-date. Azure SQL Database also provides automated features supported by artificial intelligence that help its optimization, performance and durability. Importantly, Microsoft Azure SQL Database has built-in intelligence that learns application patterns and can adapt to them. This ensures maximum operational reliability and data protection.

If you want to have a reliable, secure and efficient database, then surely the solution offered by Microsoft will meet your expectations. Azure SQL Database provides:

Constant updates and improving functionality

Back up

Monitoring with no user involvement

By choosing Azure SQL Database, you gain


A fully managed database, so your only task is to focus on application development.


The ability to quickly adapt to changing requirements through flexible and dynamic serverless computing and storage services.


Data security, provided by multilayer protection and intelligent threat detection systems.


Maximum performance of 99.995%, thanks to the integrated Artificial Intelligence solutions and high availability.


Access to the latest SQL database as the Microsoft Azure SQL Database engine is continuously updated.

Azure SQL Database

Azure SQL Database’s serverless service also facilitates performance management and gives developers the ability to focus primarily on application development and maintenance with automatically scalable computing resources. This solution is cost-effective and user-friendly.

So, eliminate problems related to database configuration, high availability management or backup with Azure SQL Database! Accelerate application development using one of the best cloud solutions available on the market and take your business to an entirely new level of digitization.

Experienced EBIS consultants will help you to run the entire process of launching Azure SQL Database and will support you in your efforts to ensure further development of the database.
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