Azure Machine Learning

21st century can be called a period of data domination. The amount of data is almost unimaginable and grows with every minute. This inexhaustible source of information can provide every company with a lot of valuable information, which will become the basis for making accurate business decisions. However, the value of this data depends on its correct analysis. In this respect, new technologies, including machine learning, come to our aid.

Azure Machine Learning is a tool available in the cloud that supports a process of predictive analysis based on historical data. With Azure Machine Learning it is possible to precisely predict future trends and events.

How can Azure Machine Learning help your company?


It helps to predict the market demand


It provides valuable information for each department of the company


It supports automation of promotional activities


It enhances the quality of customer service


It facilitates the business decision making


It strengthens competitiveness

The intuitive Azure Machine Learning interface, which works on a drag and drop principle, makes modern and seemingly very advanced technologies available to virtually anyone.

Implemented by EBIS, Business Intelligence systems based on Azure Machine Learning increase the efficiency, fail-safety and productivity of data analysis and significantly reduce the cost of using machine learning solutions.

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