Power BI

Power BI is a cloud-based set of tools of Business Intelligence class owing to which the aggregation of data from many sources, its analysis, visualisation and distribution in the form of ready reports has never been that easy.

EBIS services related to the implementation of Power BI system include:


Aggregation and analysis of data from various sources


Modelling of data and adjusting its structure to your company’s needs


Comprehensive analysis of aggregated data


Visualisation of data in the form of transparent and interactive reports


Sharing and co-sharing reports across the entire company


Adapting Power BI system to many devices – PCs and the mobile ones

What will Power BI do for your company?

It will compare data from various sources

ERP systems, financial and accounting systems, Excel spreadsheets, email marketing systems, social media, streamline data, cloud services, and other. Everything in one place.

It will compile 24/7 business data in one dashboard

You will obtain access to all your business data from the level of one dashboard available in versions for PC and mobile devices.

It will prepare interactive reports

Creating clear reports with interesting graphical layout takes little time and the reports are readily available throughout the whole company. Creating new reports is exceptionally intuitive and available to each of the business users.

It will provide consistent analyses

Power BI is a set of analytical tools for each business department providing the 360-degree view for business users. Transparent data visualisation makes its analysis easier.

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Power BI