Power Virtual Agents

The personal assistant is a profession that has been known for a long time. Kings and ladies of the court have used the services of own advisors, for years their services have also been appreciated in luxury hotels, in the banking services sector or on the premium real estate market. Today’s assistants, on the other hand, have been given a completely new nickname, in line with the spirit of the times – the word “virtual”.

With the development of the Internet, many everyday tasks related to the functioning of companies or our private life have taken on an entirely new dimension. Borders have practically ceased to exist, and constant access to information has raised expectations. If we have a need, we want to satisfy it almost immediately. This trend has not missed the most significant market players. Microsoft immediately started to create systems to support us in our daily duties, provide valuable information and assist us at every step.

Suppose you are thinking about improving the functioning of your company or delegating some of your duties for which you do not have enough time. In that case, it is worth thinking about using the services of a virtual assistant – Power Virtual Agents!

Power Virtual Agents - what possibilities does it offer?

Quick implementation

With the help of Power Virtual Agents, you can easily create your virtual bot. The system provided by Microsoft allows you to use the graphical interface quickly and easily, without having to write more lines of advanced code.

Intuitive integration

Power Virtual Agent can be easily integrated with the products and services you use every day. This is possible by using hundreds of ready-made plugins that provide custom workflows using Power Automate or by creating complex scenarios using Microsoft Bot Framework.

Measuring performance

Power Virtual Agents provide the ability to monitor the chatbot continually and make improvements. This is possible thanks to algorithms based on artificial intelligence, which collect observations and analyze data on the work of virtual helpers.

How can Virtual Power Agents help your company?


Customer service

Chatbots increasingly serve as the first line of support and provide customers with 24h/7 contact with the company. Even when your employees are asleep, a virtual assistant can answer the most crucial customer questions.


Complaint handling

From providing information about products or services, through order processing to automatic cancellation of transactions. This reduces the process of handling inquiries and claims to a minimum and increases customer satisfaction.


Product and service information

Virtual assistants, can also inform your customers about the products and services you offer. They will also provide information about your company’s opening hours, location, order acceptance rules and logistics service.

Why choose Virtual Power Agents from Microsoft?

Intuitive interface

Power Virtual Agents allows you to easily create even advanced bots using a graphical interface without coding.

Speed and reliability

Virtual Agents eliminates the gap between the experts in the field and the programming teams that make up the bots and allows you to react quickly to update the bot or make improvements to its operation.

Possibility of integration with other services

Power Virtual Agents can be integrated with other Microsoft services – cloud solutions based on AI, big data or BI. This gives you a virtual helper who is continually watching over the proper functioning of your company.

With the help of Power Virtual Agents, we will create for you a bot that will help you increase the level of customer satisfaction, allowing them to interact and solve problems quickly 24h/7!
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