The 5th British-Polish Technology Forum, organised by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland, the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH), Polish Business Link and the British-Polish Chamber of Commerce (BPCC), has ended. The event was an ideal opportunity to learn about technological innovations and the two-way synergy of participants – representatives of various industries. EBIS also appeared as a participant, making a significant contribution to the intellectual discourse and knowledge exchange that was integral to the overarching goals of the forum.

5th British-Polish Tech Forum – 14 November 2023, London

Our company was represented by Mateusz Bazan and Rafal Wieczorek – experts in data analytics and implementing analytical systems such as Power BI and Microsoft Fabric. At the EBIS stand, they shared their insights and experience, which fostered networking and business partnerships.

A significant event was the Polish Companies Showcases panel, where Mateusz Bazan took the role of speaker. The CEO of EBIS introduced the participants to our company’s relations with the British market and presented projects carried out in cooperation with entities in the UK. This presentation not only demonstrated the capabilities of EBIS but also highlighted the instrumental role of transnational cooperation in driving technological innovation.

Beyond that, the 5th UK-Poland Technology Forum was a strategic point for sharing knowledge and establishing potential business partnerships. The organisers showed commendable diligence in creating an environment conducive to exchanging ideas, thus facilitating dialogue on emerging trends and providing a favourable atmosphere for establishing relationships with entities from other countries.

Undoubtedly, the 5th British-Polish Technology Forum had a significant impact on the development of technological progress. The contacts made, insights gathered, and collaborations initiated during the forum will serve as foundations for participants to use innovation in their companies. These have the potential to develop into pioneering projects, strengthening the fabric of technological cooperation between the UK and Polish technology communities. We are delighted to have been able to take part in such an important event.

Please enjoy a short photo-report from this event: