24 November was a key moment for data enthusiasts and analytics professionals who gathered at the Data Science Summit in Warsaw. The event, considered one of the country’s most prominent Data Science gatherings, originated in 2014 when the inaugural Data Science Warsaw community meeting was held. Since then, the summit has steadily grown in popularity, becoming a reference point for those who want to learn about the latest trends, technologies, and insights in data science.

The evolution of the Data Science Summit

The Data Science Summit (DSS) owes its existence to the enthusiastic gatherings of the Data Science Warsaw community. These periodic gatherings fostered a sense of community among data professionals and planted the seeds of a more significant, more comprehensive event. The success of these initial community interactions led to the decision to formalize the summit, the first edition of which occurred shortly afterward.

In the following years, the Data Science Summit maintained its momentum and flourished as a flagship event, attracting participants and experts nationwide. Today, it is a recognised and respected platform for experts to share knowledge, best practices, and cutting-edge developments in Data Science in Poland.

Exploring cutting-edge data analysis systems

EBIS also took part in this year’s Data Science Summit. It was an excellent opportunity to share knowledge about implementing modern data analytics systems with the other participants. In particular, the talks focused on integrating and using tools such as Power BI and Microsoft Fabric, offering attendees valuable insights into optimising their data analytics capabilities.

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