On 6 June 2023, the Cracow University of Economics hosted the 5th Meeting of the Cracow Power BI Group, which attracted many enthusiasts of data analysis and the Power BI tool. The meeting was not only an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge but also to exchange experiences and make valuable contacts in the industry.

Agenda of the Krakow Power BI Group meeting

The last of the meetings of data analysis enthusiasts was full of interesting issues. The meeting agenda included topics useful from the business point of view, which experienced speakers presented.

One of the speakers was Dominik Dawiec, who, in his presentation ‘Beyond maps: unlocking the potential of Krakow’s real estate market using geospatial data,’ presented how to use this type of data to analyse the real estate market in Krakow. Dominik shared his insights on the importance of data analysis in making sound business decisions and provided practical examples of using Power BI to visualise and analyse critical data. The presentation attracted much interest from the participants, who actively asked questions and shared their experiences.

After the first presentation, it was time for a break. This was an excellent opportunity to make new contacts and discuss Dominik Dawca’s presentation in an informal atmosphere. Industry meetings often provide such opportunities, and the organisers took pains to ensure that the participants had moments of integration and experience sharing.

After the break, the floor was taken by Jacek Nosal, who gave a presentation on ‘Using EU public data for data analytics. The speaker talked about the various available data sources and pointed out how to use them effectively and how analyses can be enriched using Microsoft Power BI. His presentation aroused keen interest among the participants, who listened attentively and wrote down valuable tips.

The final point of the meeting was a summary. The moderator thanked all the speakers and participants for their attendance and participation in the event. He also presented information about the next meeting and encouraged everyone to continue integrating and actively participating in the Krakow Power BI Group community.

Data analysis in Power BI – when will the next meeting take place?

The 5th Krakow Power BI Group Meeting undoubtedly provided participants with inspiration and knowledge, enabling them to deepen their skills in data analysis and using the Power BI tool. The event was also an excellent opportunity to network with other professionals in the field, increasing community engagement and sharing experiences.

We look forward to the next Krakow Power BI Group meeting, which will bring more inspiring speeches and opportunities to expand our knowledge of data analytics.

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