The SQLDay conference, held recently in Wrocław, was a significant event for the big data, BI, and advanced data analytics industry and an excellent opportunity for EBIS representatives to expand their knowledge, network, and share their experiences. Welcome to a short summary of the event!

SQLDay – 2023 edition

SQLDay is one of the most important conferences in Europe dedicated to the Microsoft data platform, including but not limited to databases, Big Data and Business Intelligence solutions, and advanced data analytics.
It aims to promote best practices in databases and data management, enable the exchange of knowledge and experience, and present the latest trends and technologies related to databases. In addition, the conference brings together experts and enthusiasts of the Microsoft data platform, allowing them to deepen their knowledge and expand their networks.

EBIS at SQLDay 2023 conference in Wroclaw

EBIS, as one of the leading providers of solutions in data analytics, has decided to participate in the SQLDay conference actively. EBIS is a respected expert in data management, providing comprehensive solutions based on modern technologies such as Microsoft Power BI.

“Given our commitment to grow and excel in the Microsoft data platform, we knew SQLDay was the perfect opportunity to learn, share knowledge, and gain new perspectives.” – says Mateusz Bazan, EBIS’s CEO.

The participation of EBIS representatives at the SQLDay conference brought numerous benefits. Firstly, we had the opportunity to hear presentations from respected Microsoft data platform experts. The speakers at SQLDay were experienced practitioners who shared their knowledge, best practices, and the latest trends. As a result, EBIS representatives expanded their knowledge and gained valuable insights into the latest developments in data analytics.

What’s more, we could also share our experiences with others. So two of our representatives took the stage – Dominik Dębowski, who, as a co-author, led a session and talked about how to deal with report translation in Power BI, and Jacek Nosal, who spoke about the 5 personal milestones of Power BI in 2022.
In addition, attending the SQLDay conference allowed EBIS representatives to network with other professionals and experts. Many SQLDay attendees are well-established professionals in the market, so such meetings provide an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences and establish potential partnerships.
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