29 June 2021

Business Intelligence – intelligent reporting

The development of new technologies has given us completely new possibilities in terms of data analysis and reporting. Work that used to be done manually with the help of spreadsheets can now be automated using Business Intelligence class tools. What is BI reporting? BI reporting is the process of gathering...

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26 May 2021

Business Intelligence – how to use the potential of new...

Nowadays, the pace of competition development is much faster than the market development. This situation is influenced by progressive globalisation, technological development and widespread access to the Internet. In such conditions, achieving a competitive advantage becomes the basis for building a long-term strategy for each company. This, in turn, can...

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10 March 2021

Implementing a Business Intelligence system – why is it worth...

Data published by SAP shows that companies that have not implemented data visualisation systems spend up to nine hours more on analysing data, trends, and correlations. Using modern tools for data analysis, such as Power BI, allows not only to rationally manage working time but also to optimise costs. Implementation...

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15 July 2020

Azure SQL Database – modern database available in the cloud

Azure SQL Database service belongs to Azure SQL product family. It is an intelligent and scalable relational database based on a cloud solution. It is characterized by reliability and the fact that it is always up-to-date. What's more, it offers several automated features supported by artificial intelligence that optimize performance...

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