Power BI is a tool that allows you to analyse data in a revolutionary way and, thanks to many visualisation tools, present it interestingly. What is the job of a data analyst? What is the future of the Business Intelligence developer profession? Answers to these and other questions can be found in the following article.

Business Intelligence professions

Business Intelligence, also known as business analytics, deals with using data and transforming it into useful information. This information is, in turn, used to draw conclusions that translate into better business performance.

Technological developments are driving changes in the labour market and the growing demand for distinctive competencies. As a result, new positions and increasingly narrow specialisations are being created. Business Intelligence is no different – more and more companies in various industries are turning to modern analytical systems to use better the data they collect. One of the professions that are related to the development of BI is presented below.

Business analysts – what do they do?

The IT industry employs professionals with different specialisations who demonstrate expertise in a particular area. For example, a profession associated with developing business analytics and tools such as Power BI is the BI developer (business intelligence developer). Also referred to as business analysts, they act as an intermediary between the IT and business worlds. This is the specialist responsible for developing and maintaining existing databases. They transform data from IT systems into practical conclusions that non-technical people can understand.

A BI developer also creates new tools to process and store databases. The duties of the person employed in this position also include the preparation of complete technical documentation for the implementation of specific projects.

Business intelligence developer – the profession of the future?

Business intelligence developers collect and analyse a company’s business data and are considered the “profession of the future”. Today, business analysts have no problem finding well-paid positions in their field. With a growing number of companies recognising the business benefits of data analytics, the demand for BI specialists is likely to increase yearly – their presence will be an essential part of companies’ operations in many different industries. The ideal BI developer candidate should be characterised by analytical thinking skills, curiosity about the world and the need to revise knowledge constantly.

Power BI developer

In their daily work, BI developer uses various software tools. One of them is Power BI, a platform developed by Microsoft that allows the creation and visualisation of information. As the most widely used business intelligence tool, Power BI will enable data to be extracted from almost any source. For this reason, the term Power BI developer is often used interchangeably when referring to a BI developer.

How do you start your career in Power BI?

To start your career in Business Intelligence, you need to choose the proper degree course – computer science, economics, finance and accounting, but also new majors such as data management and Big Data analytics will be particularly helpful in finding a job. The necessary knowledge can also be acquired through specialised courses and training, as well as materials prepared by Microsoft, the creator of Power BI.