5 May 2021

Is data the new oil of the 21st century?

Analysts from IDC, a leading research centre from the USA, argue that we are entering the era of the digital economy. As it turns out, they are not alone in their views. Economists also share their opinion. So how can data be used to ensure companies' stable growth? From data...

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25 April 2021

How to make data analysis in marketing understandable and straightforward?

Analysing data from marketing campaigns is a complex process. This is because one wrong number can lead to an incorrect interpretation of the conducted activities. In this context, several problems arise - how to obtain high-quality data for analysis? How to make the analysis process as transparent as possible? How...

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10 March 2021

Implementing a Business Intelligence system – why is it worth...

Data published by SAP shows that companies that have not implemented data visualisation systems spend up to nine hours more on analysing data, trends, and correlations. Using modern tools for data analysis, such as Power BI, allows not only to rationally manage working time but also to optimise costs. Implementation...

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