From 14-18 March 2023, a significant event occurred in Wales – SQLBits. This is one of the largest conferences in Europe dedicated to Microsoft Data Platform. We are delighted that we could also be there!

SQLBits 2023 – why attend the event?

SQLBits is the largest conference dedicated to the Data Platform, with over 300 sessions over five days. During the event, attendees can hear from industry experts who share their knowledge and experience in databases, Machine Learning, Azure, Power BI, and related technologies. In addition, this conference consists of several sessions where speakers discuss various aspects of databases, such as design, optimisation, security, and much more.

SQL Bits is also an excellent opportunity to network with other industry professionals and exchange experiences. In addition, attendees can participate in various side events, such as workshops, panel discussions, evening receptions, and even runs.

The SQL Bits conference is top-rated among database professionals and is recognised as one of the most critical events in the field.

EBIS at SQL Bits 2023 in Wales

Representatives from EBIS also attended this year’s SQLBits. It was an excellent opportunity to gain valuable knowledge, share experiences, and establish business relationships. The atmosphere was conducive to education and integration with other data analysis enthusiasts. Enjoy a short photo report.

SQLBits 2023
EBIS at SQLBits 2023
SQLBits Run 2023