At the beginning of March, precisely on 9.03.2023, there will be the next meeting of the Power BI Group, to which we already invite all data analysis enthusiasts.

Come to the Power BI group meeting

It is already the fourth time data analysis enthusiasts, and modern analytical systems such as Power BI meet in Krakow to share their experiences and gain new skills.

This time we invite you to the Cracow University of Economics, to room S9 in the teaching and sports pavilion. The event will last from 6 to 8.30 pm and will be hosted by Jacek Nosal, Dominik Dębowski, and Piotr Waszkiewicz.

Agenda for the Power BI Group meeting:

– 18:00 – 18:05 – Intro

– 18:05 – 18:35 – Dominik Dębowski – “Power BI dashboard in an academic quarter”

– 18:40 – 19:10 – Piotr Waszkiewicz – “Storytelling – or how to tell data”

– 19:10 – 19-30 – Pizza Break

– 19:30 – 20:00 – Jacek Nosal – “Presentation of statistical data on maps in Power BI”

– 20:00 – 20:05 – Outro


Jacek Nosal

A data and technology enthusiast with extensive experience in working with BI class systems and earlier ERP, BPM, and CRM, his adventure with Excel started with version 7. He is connected with Krakow – always and rather forever. Born with a passion for data analysis, an enthusiast of maps and topographic space. Every year he travelled tens of thousands of kilometres to analyse, support and develop business clients throughout Poland during various project tasks. Nowadays, in a post-COVID world, decidedly remote. With his extensive knowledge and experience, he helps to save the hundreds of hours needed to successfully implement a planned project within the set time and budget. He loves challenging implementations, and if need be, he trains and broadens horizons – his and his clients’ own, gaining their satisfaction and enjoyment. By the way, he derives great pleasure from observing and disseminating IT knowledge. Seasonally in his free time, he cycles and skis. Throughout the year, he plays football and raises his children.

Dominik Dębowski

He communicates in SQL and DAX daily and converts problems into challenges.

Fluent in turning data and business requirements into aesthetically pleasing Power BI reports. He draws energy for his neural network from physical activity and time spent with his family. He learns from his failures and looks to the future with optimism and curiosity.

Piotr Waszkiewicz

Certified Power Platform Developer – in the industry for six years. Enthusiast of automation and storytelling with Power BI.