The modern world is dominated by data. Universal access to information has changed the rules of the market game. Consumers are becoming more aware, willing to interact with brands, they search for information and share it. For the companies’ such an environment is a great challenge. They must constantly ensure that their offer reaches their target group and doesn’t go missing in the wealth of information. How to gain the market advantage? It is worth using the opportunities offered by Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence ‒ transform raw data into strategic information

The concept of Business Intelligence comprises a set of applications, tools, and strategies that are used by enterprises to analyze business data and transform it into valuable information from the point of view of the organization. How can BI systems help your company?

  1. BI systems provide constant access to data

Thanks to the solutions offered by BI, all employees of the company have constant and easy access to company data. They can verify them from the computer and mobile devices, regardless of where they are. Reports generated in this way have a very transparent form. Even people who have no experience in business analytics are able to read them.

  1. BI systems increase productivity

Until recently, the analysis of the company’s information resources, their processing and optimization required large amounts of work. Nowadays, modern BI systems definitely simplify these processes ‒ they combine data from different sources and create a clear message. Just a few “clicks” are enough to get an analysis of the effectiveness of a marketing campaign or sales results from a given period of time.

  1. BI systems increase the effectiveness of the entire organization

Sales, finance, marketing, stockpile management, IT, management ‒ each of these departments can use BI to analyze and process the data they need. The reports obtained in this way give a comprehensive view of the company’s condition, indicate the weaknesses and strengths of its functioning, avoid bottlenecks and facilitate decision-making.

  1. BI systems reduce costs

BI solutions definitely reduce the time required for effective data analysis. Each of the company’s departments gets additional hours, which can be spent on conceptual work. What’s more, these systems also support the decision-making process. As a result, enterprises can quickly respond to the market changes, minimize the risk of actions through constant process optimization.

  1. BI systems increase the competitiveness of organizations

Relying on hard data provides not only for a wide-ranging view of the company’s functioning but also allows for predicting market trends. This, in turn, allows for creating a very effective business model that will ensure the company a significant competitive advantage. Today, analyzing consumer’s behavior and researching their consumer journey are factors that every company should absolutely analyze to increase its competitiveness.

Regardless of the company’s business profile or its size, one thing is certain ‒ every manager must have access to reliable information on the functioning of the company. Without the implementation of business intelligence solutions, it is difficult for companies to compete in such a dynamically changing environment.