We live in an era where narrow specialisation and the opportunity to work with experts in a particular field bring the most benefits to businesses. This is why it is so important to focus on your business goals and select your staff in such a way as to ensure that your strategy is implemented effectively. Available tools and systems make this task easier – especially if you choose to outsource BI services. 

Service outsourcing – why is it worth it?

If you’re thinking about outsourcing some of your responsibilities, but you’re not quite sure if this is the right approach, you need to hear Henry Ford’s opinion. He once said:

“If there is something we can’t do more efficiently, cheaper and better than our competitors, it would be better not to do it. We should hire someone to do that job who does it better than we do”.

Henry Ford

It is hard not to agree with him. Focusing on tasks for which we lack the knowledge and experience is associated with unnecessary time commitment and mediocre results. It is better to spend the time allocated to such tasks on what we know and delegate other duties. Outsourcing is helpful in this respect, and it is ideal for Business Intelligence services.

What is Business Intelligence outsourcing?

Outsourcing of BI services involves transferring activities related to the selection of systems for data analysis, their implementation and maintenance and conducting analyses to an external company. This is the most effective way to effectively analyse business data without creating dedicated workstations within your organisation. It also guarantees immediate access to the necessary knowledge and know-how. By choosing EBIS as your outsourced BI services provider, you can be confident that your projects will be in the hands of experienced and fully committed Business Intelligence specialists.

wdrożenia systemów BI
Outsourcing BI systems

Why do companies outsource BI services?

Business Intelligence uses information from logistics and supplies chain analysis, customer experience, financial, marketing and human resource analysis. This approach results in benefits such as:

– cost and time savings – you can start work on implementing Business Intelligence services as soon as you select a subcontractor. This allows you to gain insight into valuable data immediately, without the need to create new jobs,

– rational allocation of resources – Business Intelligence outsourcing provides an ideal price/quality ratio,

– faster adaptation to trends – which in turn translates into greater business flexibility 

– no limitations in terms of personnel – by choosing BI outsourcing, you can use services of international suppliers,

– stable development – outsourcing Business Intelligence services mean faster digital transformation and increased competitiveness.

Outsourcing BI services at EBIS 

Every entrepreneur knows very well that running your own business involves many responsibilities. By choosing to outsource BI services at EBIS, you can be sure that a group of highly qualified specialists will take care of your responsibilities with total commitment. At the same time, you will be able to focus on developing your business. As part of the BI outsourcing services offered by EBIS, you gain two types of support – comprehensive BI outsourcing and temporary BI outsourcing.