The effectiveness of decision-making processes is primarily affected by the quality of information. This is an indisputable fact in today’s competitive and dynamically changing business environment, requiring efficient data access. With a properly built data warehouse based on BI architecture, the improvement in business performance is significant and promotes strategy execution.

Data warehouse – what is it?

A data warehouse is a specially designed database dedicated to storing data of a Business Intelligence class system. It is used to aggregate dispersed data sources in one centralised location to prepare business analyses and reports.

Data warehouses and business analysis

Data warehousing and business analytics are terms used to describe the process of storing all company data in internal or external databases from various sources with an emphasis on analysis and generating actionable insights using BI tools available online.

One of the essential characteristics of a data warehouse is multidimensionality. Within it, micro-data is collected, stored, appropriately grouped, segmented and analysed. Due to this multidimensionality, it is possible to perform complex analyses quickly and flexibly, regardless of the data source. Furthermore, data prepared in this way can be easily subjected to further business analysis and, as a result, receive reliable feedback.

Why does your company need a data warehouse?

By implementing a specially designed data warehouse, entrepreneurs receive clear and transparent data, which is essential for the development of their company. Importantly, they relate to both the current business situation and historical data. With their help, it is also possible to perform predictive analyses, even when the collections cover gigabytes or terabytes of data.

On the other hand, Business Intelligence focuses mainly on generating business insights to improve operational and strategic performance. With the help of BI, measurable aspects of the business can be examined and analysed. Thus, we can say that BI systems and tools use data warehouses, while data warehouses act as the basis for business analysis.

With the expansion of processed data, the tools and software needed to perform analysis have evolved significantly. In this context, the need for appropriate tools such as Microsoft Power BI has grown exponentially. In such an environment, data warehousing processes and support for BI insights needed to generate and develop sustainable business awareness effectively can be managed using modern systems. In addition, data visualisation is a fundamental element that enables managers, executives and business users to perform analyses themselves, without the need for intensive IT support.

EBIS – specialists in data warehousing, BI and data analysis

The design, implementation and maintenance of a data warehouse is a significant challenge that you should entrust to specialists. At EBIS, we have technical knowledge in database building and many years of business experience gained in implementing business analysis projects for clients from various industries. All our activities are preceded by an in-depth analysis of the customer’s requirements and the specifics of a given organisation. So please write to us or call – together we will choose the best solution for your company.