Data analysis should be essential for every company – regardless of industry, size or years of experience. This enables you to understand customer behaviour better and provide meaningful business information that makes decision-making much more effortless. Data analysis with the help of BI solutions provides virtually unlimited possibilities for filtering and segmenting data to ensure continuous improvement and possible control of emerging errors. The potential inherent in data is enormous and often becomes a company’s competitive advantage. So how can your business improve data analysis with BI solutions?

How do BI systems improve data analysis?

Business intelligence (BI) is the combination of business analytics, data mining and data visualisation. It is also the ability to apply best practices to support businesses in making data-driven decisions. Advanced data analytics provides the ability to create various queries that provide a clear insight into the business’s condition and allow for continuous improvement in business practices. Companies that use business intelligence systems for data analysis, such as Power BI, gain a double benefit. The first is the ability to analyse historical data, and the second is the opportunity to forecast future trends or events. Additionally, modern data analysis systems streamline work by:

– systematic comparison of data from different sources,

– compiling business data in a single panel, regardless of time and place, both from the level of stationary devices and dedicated applications,

– preparing interactive reports with a clear layout that can be shared with individual team members,

– share data analysis with stakeholders to improve communication and workflow,

– compare current data with historical data to track performance or analyse KPIs using personalised dashboards,

– data mining as visual storytelling to communicate insights and detect trends in real-time,

– consistent data analysis and elimination of human error.

What can Microsoft Power BI do for your business?

Analysing data with spreadsheets is inefficient. Furthermore, large data sets cause that it is easy to make a mistake – duplication of data, omission of data from specific channels, or finally, human error. With the help of Power BI, data analysis becomes intuitive and straightforward even for people with little technical skills. The possibility of directing queries in natural language or “drag and drop” functionality make the charts and reports created using the Microsoft Power BI system transparent, and the data presented in this form is easy to interpret.

Are you interested in implementing a data analysis system?

Corporate data is like a vein of gold. Business intelligence and data analytics systems such as Microsoft Power BI can help companies use the information, they collect to improve customer engagement and satisfaction and solve business problems. So, it’s worth taking advantage of the potential that modern BI tools offer to help your business grow.

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