Market analysis shows that 12 of the 23 largest pharma companies achieved double-digit growth in the first quarter of 2022. Interestingly, as many as five exceeded revenue growth by nearly 50% compared to the first quarter of 2021. The significant increase was not limited to companies launching products against COVID-19. Companies such as Vertex (22%), Bayer (14%), and Takeda (13%) were also able to boast double-digit growth in the period under review, even without benefiting from COVID-19 drugs and vaccines. As can be seen from the above figures, the pharmaceutical market is thriving. What can be done to achieve even better results? You can find out in the Dr. Max case study below.

Dr. Max – meet our customer

Dr. Max is one of the largest pharmacy chains in Central Europe. In every country where it operates, it strives to improve access to healthcare by guaranteeing the availability of a wide range of medicines, supplements, cosmetics, and pharmacy services.

The amount of data generated daily, the complexity of the business, and the intricate logic meant that Dr. Max was looking for a comprehensive tool to streamline daily operations. After an initial assessment, it became clear that the entire process could be successfully mapped in Power BI.

What challenges did we have to overcome?

“We decided to find an external partner with much know-how who could help us with the implementation. One of our first challenges with EBIS was a problem with a specially calculated indicator for the cross-selling report. This was like a qualification test for the EBIS specialists. From then on, we went on together,” – Sebastian Gonet, CFO/Chief Executive Officer of Dr. Max, explains.

As the work progressed, there was a need to reduce the refresh time of the data model. The model was based on files stored in SharePoint and could only be transformed via Power Query. It became a new requirement and priority to modernise this process.

“Based on EBIS’ experience, we decided to migrate the model to a Microsoft Azure environment. This allowed us to continue to use SharePoint for our data flow processes. In addition, this change resulted in the ability to apply new transformations to SQL and Power Query, which further reduced the model refresh time,” – Sebastian Gonet reports.

Key benefits of collaboration

Among the key benefits of implementing Microsoft Power BI, the Dr. Max representative pointed to the possibility of creating new reports in the areas of sales, warehouse, purchasing, or commission systems, without worrying about their optimisation. In addition, thanks to tools such as the metadata translation mechanism and the creation of predefined report skins, internal reports have been standardised.

“Guaranteeing our customers the highest level of service and products are the same qualities we expect from the technology and the partners we choose. In meeting our objectives in terms of technology, Power BI proved to be the best medicine, and immediately afterward, conversations with EBIS and their experience allowed us to trust them as our partner in this journey. Looking back now, we are deeply satisfied with our collaboration with EBIS. Their professional approach, meticulousness, and consistency met all our expectations. Finding a partner that approaches projects with such a high level of commitment takes time and effort. Cooperation with EBIS allowed us to broaden our horizons and enter a higher level of reporting our daily work. In addition to the ongoing implementation tasks, we could count on extra knowledge being passed on to us in workshops and daily meetings, including ad hoc ones.”

For us, such a recommendation means only one thing – a guarantee of customer satisfaction and the maximum adaptation of Power BI functionalities to the real needs of the business. We are happy to have been able to support Dr. Max during the implementation of Microsoft Power BI – to share our knowledge and experience.

We also encourage you to read the entire case study on our cooperation with Dr.Max.