Azure Synapse

Today, almost every company has access to an enormous amount of data. Businesses that understand the potential of the information contained in them strive for efficient data analysis, which not only allows for stable development and implementation of the adopted business objectives, but also for increasing their competitive advantage. With the development and popularization of cloud solutions and new technologies, companies can quickly process and give meaning to massive data volumes. With the help of advanced data analysis tools such as Azure Synapse, modern companies can achieve outstanding results and have a constant insight into the situation of their companies.

Azure Synapse Analytics is a service offered by Microsoft that combines the functionality of a data warehouse and big data analysis. Thanks to this, companies and organizations from different industries can smoothly go through the process of digitization or reorganization of existing data analysis practices. In this way, business decisions made by them at every level of the company’s operation are more conscious and based on solid pillars.

Azure Synapse Analytics, as the next generation of Azure SQL Data Warehouse, is fully integrated with other services offered by Microsoft:

Power BI

Power BI is a system for data aggregation and visualisation.


Microsoft Dynamics is a line of enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management software applications.

Azure Machine Learning

Enterprise-grade machine learning service to build and deploy models faster.

Azure Data Share

Azure Data Share is a safe and secure service for sharing data with third-party organizations.

Azure Synapse offers the ability to generate queries about the data you need at any given time using either serverless on-demand calculations or shared resources. Thus companies that use this system can use the data:


More efficient


More productively


No risk of errors





How can Azure Synapse help your company?

Better access to data

The system combines data from different sources and thanks to the use of machine learning, and AI can be used even for analysis of vast data sets.

Fast and straightforward visualization

The refined interaction between Azure Machine Learning and Power BI ensures that users can process and share data as quickly as possible.

Simple system scalability

Azure Synapse is a cloud service which, thanks to the use of SQL language, ensures fast browsing, segmentation and processing of collected data.

Data security

Offered by Microsoft Azure Synapse, has advanced and latest class solutions for encryption, authentication or threat detection control for all data.

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