Creating datasets from different sources and analyzing them is a time-consuming process. Companies also often face the problem of presenting the information obtained in a transparent graphic layout. Fortunately, Power BI – a data analysis business tool, comes in handy. It makes it easy to visualize and share statistics for the entire organization.

What opportunities does Power BI offer?

The Power BI system is available in the version for mobile devices with Windows, iOS, and Android, as well as in the version for computers, which enables users to have constant access to data. The work can be divided into the following stages:

  1. Connecting the data source,
  2. Data modeling,
  3. Creating reports,
  4. Publication of results.

With Power BI, the entire data analysis process is very intuitive. Thanks to the drag-and-drop feature, every person, even with low analytical knowledge, is able to create valuable data sets in advanced graphic form.

Data visualization in Power BI

The Power BI system offers many options for the selection of chart presentation forms. Data visualizations created with Power BI can take the standard forms, known to many users of Excel, as well as much more advanced ones. Maps with location markers, stacked area charts, pie charts, tree maps and much more.

This way you will prepare a report on quarterly sales, reports on product development in a given region or reports on the most effective online advertising channels for your brand.

The possibilities are virtually limitless. It all depends on the data resource available to your company and the purpose of the analysis. The result of working with the Power BI system is to receive information that will support your company in making strategic business decisions.

Thanks to these functionalities, reports prepared in Power BI are available in real time for all employees who have access to the system in the office, as well as for those who are outside the office. What should also be emphasized, these reports have an interactive form and can be easily shared. Dashboard serves this purpose.

Increase your profits thanks to data analysis

Regardless of whether we analyze simple or complex data sets, the Power BI system will help in quickly starting work and scaling analysis depending on the needs of users.

If you are dealing with analytics in your everyday work, you can definitely simplify these tasks with Power BI tools. We also encourage you to read our previous article about the benefits of the solution offered by Microsoft.