Consulting on BI solutions 

Are you looking for Business Intelligence solutions that will support your daily work and operations of your company? Take advantage of our experience obtained during numerous implementations and employ BI potential in accordance with your company’s needs.

Implementation of Business Intelligence solutions should always be preceded by an analysis of requirements and conditions specific to a given organization. EBIS consultants, apart from their extensive technical knowledge, are also competent in business needs analysis. The BI solutions we offer are always individually tailored to the needs of an individual company.

EBIS offers consulting on BI solutions for:


analisys of company's needs

Each enterprise operates in different circumstances and its development is affected by different factors. We are perfectly aware of this. Before choosing BI solutions ideal for your company, we always offer our support to help you define your expectations and requirements.


identification of data sources

Did you know that the work performed in each of your company’s departments generates a lot of strategic information? Marketing, sales, financial or customer service department, each operates on data which, if properly analysed, can become an element of competitive advantage. We will help you identify its sources and indicate which areas of your company’s activity it can support.


choosing indicators and measures

Each company sets its goals – both short- and long-term. To know to what extent they have been achieved, it is necessary to define KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), i.e. key indicators of efficiency. They are used to measure the efficiency of activities conducted. During business consultations in the field of BI we will indicate which of them will be applicable to your company.


choosing optimal analysis and data visualisation tools

Choosing the right tools will allow you to present the data necessary to make business decisions transparently and quickly. The solutions we offer are available to all employees of the company and allow to analyse and present data on different devices, so that you can use them regardless of time and place of your work.


Monitoring of bi solutions introduced

Środowisko, w którym funkcjonuje każda firma, ma bardzo dynamiczny charakter. Stałe monitorowanie danych pozwala uniknąć wielu kłopotliwych sytuacji i szybko reagować na zmiany rynkowe. W ramach usług konsultingowych jesteśmy do Twojej dyspozycji także wtedy, gdy powstaje potrzeba zmian w konfiguracji wybranych rozwiązań z zakresu Business Intelligence, gdy Twoja firma przechodzi restrukturyzację lub zachodzi potrzeba wyznaczenia nowych wskaźników pomiaru efektywności.